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Hail, Yeah! City's Cab Rules Could Be Changing

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More on the so-called Hail-A-Taxi initiative: Today, Councilwoman Jan Perry will introduce a motion asking the City Council to look into changing the vehicle code and give Los Angeles residents the ability to flag down a cab. According to the Downtown News, it's not that it's illegal for Los Angeles residents to hail a tax, it's that cabbies get fined "if they pick up fares anywhere other than loading zones, taxi stands and parking areas." With that inane rule, visitors are wandering, unable to get to their next venue while the city loses tourist dollars, according to Michael Collins, vice president of L.A. Inc., the city's Convention and Visitors Bureau, who tells the paper the city should be able "to rip a page out of some other prosperous and vital city to get the ground rules for how it's done."But there is hope: a DOT official tells the News a pilot cabbie program in Downtown and Hollywood could be underway by this coming summer.
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