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Curbed Cup: Eagle Rock Battles North Hollywood

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Welcome to Curbed Cup 2007, a contest that'll choose the best neighborhood in LA for 2007. Over the next few weeks, we'll be pitting eight neighborhoods against each other; this first round places sees #1 seed Eagle Rock spitting in the face of #8 seed North Hollywood. Using a criteria of smart growth--best new development, best new restaurants, best new shops, and hell, let's throw in best-looking neighborhood dogs, too--which area shone brightest in 2007? Vote now!

Eagle Rock: Notables in 2007
· Glassell Park Fresh & Easy Opening Just Days Away
· EaterTastings: Casa Bianca, Craft and Pulled Pork at Boulevard
· Cheeseless Cindy's Attacked
· Supermarket Roundabout: Eagle Rock Official Public Notice
· Let's all move to Northeast LA

North Hollywood: Notables in 2007

· NoHo14 Drops Sales Plan, Will Be A Rental
· First Look: Your $1 Billion NoHo Art Wave
· NoHo's Neutra Apartments Battle Small-Town Rival for 'Timmy'
· CurbedWire: NoHo Gets Food
· J.H. Snyder Selling Off NoHo Lofts