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Reader Rant: City Planners Getting Skinny, Blood Sugar Low

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Thanks to new lobbying restrictions, the long tradition of developers, consultants and architects flooding city departments with candy during the holiday season has been brought to an end. No longer can sweet confections be used to manipulate the dim witted planner into bending to the will of the evil developer looking to bulldoze over old people and puppies. Naturally, a planner emails us to complain:

I wonder if you fine folks at Curbed LA can help out the Planning Department this Holiday Season--I know a number of developers and real estate folks read this blog and I'm hoping to reach them with an important message. WE HAVE NO CANDY. As you may know there are very few perks to civil service; if a developer wants to offer free Laker tickets or great seats at the Nokia Theatre opening we have to say "Oh no, I couldn't possibly." There are no schnazzy lunches, no gold pens, and no comped convention tickets. If it costs more than $25 bucks or can't be shared with the general public we have to decline.
Which brings me to my important point. WE'RE SUPPOSED TO GET FREE CANDY THIS TIME OF YEAR. Usually by early December we're knee deep in truffles, bordeaux and waffery choclatey fruity goodness. Instead we have nothing but the moldy leftovers in the lunchroom refrigerator. Not Christmassy at all. My compatriots and I are contemplating a Holiday Strike if someone on the other side of the counter doesn't get on it and GIVE US SOME CANDY.