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Rumblings & Bumblings: Downtown Transit and Narrow Roads

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This week we ask you to provide information for these questions. You may leave a comment or you can email us at with your new questions, answers, comments, tips, and general queries. The digital picture well is running dry again!! Please email us.

[concrete footprint Downtown]

1) Downtown: Ready to bring 19th-century transit back to LA. "What is the deal with Angel's Flight? Lost cause??"

2) Beverly Hills: Maybe a really big mcmansion? "What is the HUGE project going in next to the Greystone mansion? It looks to large to be a house..."

3) Civic Center: It's an invisible building! "Apologies for not knowing my downtown la history, but what is that big concrete pad across from City Hall and the LA Times Building (pictured above)? It's fenced off and probably getting bulldozed for the Grand Ave project park, but what was it? looks like an old building footprint."

4) Atwater Village: Making the city more pedestrian friendly?? That's crazy talk. "i remember hearing something awhile ago about an update to the master plan for the portion of Glendale Boulevard running through Atwater Village that would narrow the boulevard, making it more pedestrian friendly. Is this still in the works or did the city forget about Atwater again when the check cashing place moved in?"

Answers posted on Thursday.