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CurbedWire: Hollywood Regis, One Less Neutra On the Market, Orsini Ringing

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HOLLYWOOD Behold, the latest marketing tactic from the Hollywood Regis. Does the Regis know that $50,000 is not equal to a million or did they learn their math from George Bush? [CurbedWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD - After the recent glut of Neutras on the market, one goes into escrow. Just a few weeks ago, the Neutra-designed Kun house was offered for $2.3 million. A Friend of Curbed lets us know: "Neutra Kun #1 in escrow...Accepted offer at 2MM. Not the 2.3 the seller wanted. But a hell of a profit considering they bought for 1.4 and surely put less than 200K into the thing. So, 400K+ profit before fees. That's 1,100 a foot for a house on three levels that still needs the kitchen and baths gutted." [CurbedWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN - What's worse than living above a future cancer cluster? Non-stop fire alarms. A reader writes in this morning to let us know of the Weekend of No Rest for the residents of the Orsini: "I used to live at the Orsini. I and moved a few blocks away. I noticed Friday morning that the fire alarm was on at the Orsini II and has not stopped. Having put up with the frequent false alarms while living there, I can’t imagine anyone is willing to stay there while the alarm runs 24/7. If the elevators are shut down, it must be a pain to move out in disgust." Anyone know if it's still going? [CurbedWire Inbox]