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Coldwater Canyon Water Main Break Messes Up Commute, Eddie Van Halen's Pool

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If your commute involves Coldwater Canyon Avenue, you're likely a bit crabby this morning due to that broken water main at 12754 Mulholland Drive. And with every LA disaster, Mother Nature picks one token celebrity to sacrifice: this time, it's Eddie Van Halen--gallons of water flooded his yard and pool, according to the Daily News. "Firefighters placed sandbags around the home, preventing any water from entering the living area, but mud and debris filled the pool, he said. Van Halen, who is on tour, was informed of the mishap by telephone." As of this morning, Coldwater Canyon Avenue was closed between Mulholland Drive and Ventura Boulevard, while Mulholland was also closed between Coldwater Canyon Avenue and Benedict Canyon Drive.
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