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What's Up With That: Is Someone Buried In Griffith Park?

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This past weekend was practically perfect weather and visibility - great for a hike through Griffith Park. You could see the ocean, Catalina, downtown, and ...this gravestone? Walking along the paved road, we made this somewhat gruesome discovery by the curb. At least, we think it may be gruesome. It might also be considered awesome. Our French is a little rusty, but we do believe it says "Here is Joseph Lassere. Born at Cier de Riviere." But as we said, our French is rusty. Is this a grave marker of some sort? Who is Joseph Lassere? We thought Griffith Park was haunted by the ghost of Antonio Feliz? Is Lassere trying to elbow in on Feliz's haunting grounds? Was he one of the men killed in the 1933 wildfire in the park? Know the solution to this stone riddle? Drop us a line or leave us a comment.