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Downtown Getting A Tad More Religious: New Synagogue, Church Planned

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Religion follows development: After some churches fled downtown in the 1970s, there's a resurgence of interest in the bringing back houses of worship, reports the Downtown News' Evan George. In a few months 26-year-old Rabbi Moshe Greenwald will open the Jewish Community Center Chabad of Downtown Los Angeles, the first full-time in synagogue in downtown in over 60 years. (It'll be located Seventh St and Broadway.) Additionally, pastor Kevin Haah is planning to open the New City Church of Los Angeles. Apparently, downtowners been too busy eying the hot people at the new Ralphs and ordering pumpkin Starbucks lattes because Haah tells the paper that "there's very little spiritual activity going on here." "Sipping coffee and smiling at a couple of businessmen double-parking their sports cars, Haah added, "The new residents are in greater need of the Gospel, in my opinion." [Image of the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels]
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