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Starck Designing Bev Hills Mixed-Use Project, West LA Apartments

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Philippe Starck won't rest until everyone in LA is sitting on transparent chairs and sipping cocktails beneath Versailles trompe-l'œil. Now that he's conquered Hollywood and the Strip, he's heading west. And going green. Via our inbox comes word that Starck is designing two new projects in Beverly Hills and West LA, one a mixed-use development and the other a luxury condo project (natch), respectively. UPDATE: Starck's not on board yet; see update here.

First on the slate and scheduled for completion by 2008, a mixed use development at 275 North Canon Drive in BH. According to the developer (which includes Marc and Michele Bohbot, CEOs of fashion labels Bisou Bisou, Hale Bob, Miss Bisou and the Standard Oil Investment Group) the property will "feature high-end shops and boutiques, restaurants, lounge as well as luxury residential condominiums." It will be adjacent to the Montage Hotel, another luxury hotel currently under construction in the Golden Triangle.

And looking a little further west, Starck will be the lead designer (both the interior and exterior designs) for a green apartment building at 10777 Wilshire Blvd, between Beverly Hills and Westwood. The building will be a 6 story, 68 unit luxury apartment building with units ranging from 2,000 to 3,800 square feet. Other luxury amenities include a gym, rooftop pool and jacuzzi and is scheduled for completion some time in 2009.

Both buildings are aiming for a gold or platinum LEED certification. We're just hoping that pool is deeper than a lobster tank.