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Pop out the Bubbly; Caruso Declares Victory for Americana at Brand

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Good morning news to start Rick Caruso's day. As a keen eyed reader informs us: "Caruso won case against the Glendale Galleria. More Cheesecake for everyone!" In more detail the Glendale News-Press reports:

A jury on Thursday found that owners of the Glendale Galleria tried to block leading restaurant chain the Cheesecake Factory from signing a lease at the Americana at Brand, and awarded Americana developer Caruso Affiliated Holdings $74 million in damages. The jury also determined that Galleria owner General Growth Properties acted with malice, oppression or fraud, a legal standard that triggers additional punitive damages. The trial will resume Tuesday to assess the amount of the penalty.

Unlike the last time Caruso Affiliated declared victory over an opponent, they have declined to update their web site with super bold-size helvetica lettering declaring said win.
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