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EaterTastings: Joe's Pizza to Open This Weekend?

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[Image of Whole Foods Arroyo, 11/7/07, courtesy Eater LA]

The latest food dish from Eater LA, our sister nightlife/food blog:

1) NYC import Joe's Pizza is just toying with us now. Will it finally open this weekend?
2) Which chefs in LA will be getting the coveted Michelin star? Only Michelin knows for sure. But that doesn't stop Eater from posting a few unconfirmed spoilers.
3) Everything you could ever want in a supermarket in the mega-Whole Foods in Pasadena. We want to go to the jam station. Just because we like the idea of a 'jam station.'
4) Michel Richard revamps the food at Social Hollywood, with a "casual postmodern" menu. Oh man, what would Baudrillard say to that?
5) How many desperate offers can a restaurant fit into one postcard? Only Hadaka Sushi knows for sure.