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Pictorial: Going Green in WeHo

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[inside the main living room area]

It must be LEED housing season, as another "green" home opened up last night. Described as eco-luxury townhouses, 709 and 711 Westbourne became the first LEED Gold (pending) residences built in the city of West Hollywood. While not as much of a scene as the Wired LivingHomes opening from Monday, a well-mannered crowd did show up to check out the space and drink up the champagne, which we gladly did repeatedly. The architecture was contemporary - very clean and white, with big windows. Solar panels on the roof. White bamboo floors. Tankless water heaters. And high efficiency air conditioning. The project is basically a little energy generator which produces more energy than it consumes. That's gold. That'll cost you. Retail Price: $1.89 million.

[lots of onlookers brought their cameras]

We briefly spoke with Monte Stettin, the developer of the project, about the home and about his plans for more. This is his first eco-home built in LA/WeHo (he has other projects in the Palm Springs area), but he has plans for more, specifically in WeHo. He admitted to some difficulty getting the home built, despite it being a green home, and despite WeHo's reputation as a green city. Height and density issues were the primary stumbling blocks. Future plans may involve more affordable developments but he admitted that the current residence was targeted more to the wealthier, eco-conscious buyers.

[the white bamboo floors drew mixed reviews]

[the Japanese toilet wowed us with its automatic seat lift and air dry feature]

[it's a functional sink]

[in the bathroom area]

[there were five architecty-looking guys in the kitchen blocking everyone's path so we couldn't look at the appliances. Stupid architects.]

[the outside of the townhomes. co-editor Marissa wasn't sold on the garage door]

[and the rendering of what the townhomes may look like in daylight with BMWs parked nearby]