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Storefronting: It's Kitson's World. We Just Live In It.

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WEST HOLLYWOOD - Last night on our way to the eco-friendly townhouse party, we noticed the plywood is up for the new Kitson Melrose store. Formerly Diane Merrick, Kitson is expanding to Melrose with a 2-story shop that is opening as early as this month. That's after Kitson's summer expansion on Robertson with an accessories store and a Dubai location. The 7,000-square-foot store is apparently Kitson's attempt to lure back the locals after the Robertson location became overrun with tourists looking to buy Paris' Eau de Skank.

BEVERLYGROVE - One minute you're a posh West 3rd street boutique with a golden bust (we're not speaking metaphorically), the next're not. Blackburn & Sweetzer catches the closure of Filly. Storefront sit empty with no word on what's happened to the store or what's next for the retail location on 3rd Street. [Blackburn & Sweetzer]