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Malibu's Cross Creek Plaza Sold, La Paz Planned

The Cross Creek Plaza (pictured; take a kooky tour here) which houses the Malibu Cinemas Hollywood Theaters, Wells Fargo Bank, several restaurants, and retail, was sold by owner Steve Soboroff. The new owners aren't messing with anything, and tell the Malibu Times that there "no immediate plans for rental increases, and that people should not expect many changes at all." Soboroff bought Cross Creek Plaza from Harrison Ford and Tom Selleck in 1988, notes the Times. Also in the paper: The latest news on the La Paz project, the planned 112,000 square feet commercial and office development which'll house 20,000-square-foot City Hall, as well as 609 subterranean and surface parking spaces. A Planning Commission meeting will be held next month before it goes to a commission vote.
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