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CurbedWire: In The Land of Toys

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[Image of Toy Factory district via Polar Inertia]

DOWNTOWN: Polar Inertia's November/December Issue contains a fascinating pictorial of the Toy District downtown by James Bucknam. So stark and empty of life, the Toy District is anything but fun. Via PI: "The district is a 14-block area on the eastside of Downtown Los Angeles. If you were to look beyond the recent influx of overpriced lofts, it houses a good portion of the semi-nomadic shifts of skid row and a collective of bazaars featuring cheap children’s toys, an ironic coexistence that’s hard to fathom." [Polar Inertia]

CENTURY CITY: Preserve this, says an emailer: "With all the concern over preserving LA's historic past, why has no outcry been heard over the planned demolition of the first building constructed in Century City? Westfield has plans to tear down the Gateway Building on the southwest corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Avenue of the Stars. It's an aluminum original from Alcoa and launched the Westside's downtown." [CurbedWire Inbox]

LOS FELIZ: We hope this is true, but as the reader notes, it's still a rumor. "So the rumor in the neighborhood is the South -West corner of Hollywood and Vermont (currently Rite Aid and Jons market and clothing store I can't remember the name of and other small business) will be a mixed use- market rate housing-condos and/or apartments on top with shoppes under. Is this true or just gossip?" [CurbedWire Inbox]