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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Goodbye NuWilshire, Hello Other Buildings

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Lots of exciting conclusions to Tuesday's exciting questions. Please email us at if you have updates, renderings or new questions. We appreciate you.

[the NuWilshire as it was, via flickr user waltarrrrr]

1) Downtown: A commenter living in Elleven comments and confirms that he/she/it is receiving three free months of HOA dues. He/she/it is naturally thrilled. Then commenter Loft LA said the South Group buildings need a gym. Then someone told Loft LA to shut up.

2) Santa Monica: We read on LA Observed several days ago that the NuWilshire is closing. Via LAO: "Landmark is leaving the NuWilshire in Santa Monica, though it seems the chain wanted to stay but was kicked out by an owner intent on developing the site."

3) Hollywood: Regarding the La Brea Gateway, commenter Miss Teresa reports that the project has been stymied by the complex and expensive world of the Environmental Impact Report. Essentially, the developer will have to pay a lot of money to be told that they have to install a traffic signal or two and plant nice street trees.

4) Beverly Hills: No takers on the question about blight along Olympic. Sorry.

5) Hancock Park: A guest commenter (can we just call guest commenters "Grays") reports on the conversion of The Rossmore: "the developer did a decent job on the conversion and the finishes are really nice. that said, it's a complete rip-off at its current prices. the 2 bed/2 bath units are between 700-750K for no more than 1100 sq. feet. very few units have sold from what i've heard. the place isn't complete yet and they're expecting a move-in date closer to the beginning of January than the end of this year. i'm sure by that time these units still will not have sold and the developer will realize how over-priced they are.

6) Beverly Hills:The project at the northeast corner of Robertson and Wilshire appears to be the 8767 Wilshire project mentioned in City of Beverly Hills documents online. It is proposed as a four-story, 75,116 square foot office building. We looked for renderings but found none.

This is all for today.