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Where Will The Doheny Go? Hint: Nowhere Near Doheny

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Our sister Eater LA (via LAist) gets the scoop on Cedd Moses' new ultra-exclusive downtown bar. If you can afford the $2,750 and up membership then maybe you already know its super-secret location near the Staples Center. The rumor we've heard - a basement location inside the old Standard Oil Company on Olympic. It's near the Staples Center. It's got historic and architectural pedigree. It's even got sculpture by Joan Miro and Jean Dubuffet in the garden court (according to the book, An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles). Have any insight on where Cedd Moses is installing his fingerprint scanners? Let us know.

UPDATE: A commenter (confirmed by our sister site) tells us the Doheny location is actually going to be in the Petroleum Building across the street at 714 West Olympic Boulevard. Someone got their oil buildings confused.

[Image of Petroleum building from you-are-here]