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LAPD HQ Watch: Break Out The Shot Glasses

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[Image of new LAPD HQ by flickr user alossix]

Here's a good way to brighten up a somewhat dull and dragging Wednesday. It's've lost count now exactly what round we're on since our last binge drinking brought on by the LAPD HQ Watch Drinking Game. The Daily News reports the City has approved an additional $40 million for construction costs, bringing the total to $437 million - up from an original $300 million budget. The additional $40 million is needed to allay "land acquisition costs and the Motor Transport Division parking structure." If our calculations are correct (the rules are complicated), the additional $40 million is only worthy of 2 drinks. If only a councilperson would demand an investigation into builder Tutor-Saliba, we might be able to really get our drink on.
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