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Garcetti Tightening Up Affordable Housing Rules

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[Kanner Architects' affordable housing project in Hollywood via AIA]

The LA Times reports that Council President Garcetti (CD13) has bowed to pressure (from Zev Yaroslavsky, no less) and will add amendments to the city's proposed density bonus ordinance that will protect single family homeowners from the intrusion of poor people large developments in their neighborhoods.

Garcetti's amendments would reduce the number of locations where a residential project would be granted additional height or density. Under his proposal:
* No multistory project that stands within 50 feet of a neighborhood zoned for single-family homes would receive permission for additional height.
* No project would be allowed to replace a building that is part of a historic zone.
* Only one additional story would be granted to buildings on a street with height limits of 30, 45 or 50 feet.

Now if they can only get the NIMBYs to stop appealing every affordable housing project that comes through the city's doors, we may actually get somewhere.
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