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Ask Curbed: What's Park La Brea Hiding?

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A reader has a query about mystery abodes inside Park La Brea's towers. Full floor penthouses? How do you get one of those?

"Having several friends who live in PLB, I have heard plenty of stories about the complex. Some true, others not. Well, one of the biggest legends is that there are "penthouses" or full floors located in several of the towers that were sold off years ago. Of course, more theories fly than answers. Anyone have any info on that? Also, in several of the towers there appear to be "through and through" apartments - meaning one apartment takes up one entire "leg" of the X...You can see right through them and I can only imagine the views are amazing...They do list 3BD towers but no one I know has ever seen one up for rent. Any info on that? Are these the "condos" that were sold off during the bad years?

I gather my friends have asked the leasing office but no one seems to have any information or it's part of a greater conspiracy...."

[Picture of Park La Brea via flickr user Googiesque]