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Hottest Real Estate Market in LA? LAX Hotels

Sure, the real estate market is tanking , but there's a bright spot amidst all the bad news - the LAX hotel market seems to be doing just swimmingly. GlobeSt reports the LAX Radisson was just sold for $93 million and will be getting a makeover. This is the latest in a string of hotel deals in the LAX area, including the sale this summer of the Holiday Inn and the newly-renovated LAX Renaissance earlier this year (which went for a record-setting $130,000 per room). It's a hot market, sure, but until these hotels have high design bar stools (and by high design, we mean the MOST uncomfortable looking chairs ever) and fake sheep roaming the bar, we just can't get excited. Talk to us when you paint your exterior black, Radisson.
· Harp Group Buys LAX Radisson for $93M [GlobeSt]