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Crazy Bradley's Diversity Forum: The Aftermath

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Remember the Glassell Park Diversity Forum our favorite uni-monikered neighborhood council chair, Crazy Bradley, was planning...for Yom Kippur? The one that the city's Human Relations Commission asked him to reschedule and Bradley threw a hissy fit - thinly insinuating a Jewish conspiracy? An attendee at the rescheduled event writes in with a report.

Remember his controversial "Diversity Forum" that was originally scheduled for Yom Kippur and the Human Relations Commission asked him to change the date so as to be more sensitive to Jewish stakeholders, whom Bradley then blasted - but changed the date and venue under the guise of accomodating an anticpated large crowd? Well, the "Diversity Forum" was held this past Saturday....They actually started just before ten (was supposed to start at 9am) -- I guess cause they were hoping some people would show up.

When they started, I counted 25 people in the room -- about 7 from Healthy City, several from HRC, 4 from Ribet Academy (host site for the event). Jim Omahen for CD 14. (Number of people from gpnc board = 1 (Bradley).

People who were there without it being planning committee or their presence not being employment related = 2

Close to 12, I counted 32: late arrivals: Maggie Darrett (GPNC Board), Susan from Cypress Park, a few people I don't know.

Show was mostly run by Healthy City and was a barrage of statistics that could have been accomplished in a handout.

Gary de la Rosa (Human Relations Commission) also took a big part.

I had three bagels....

For that size "crowd," Bradley could have held it on a street corner and not wasted several thousand dollars of the GPNC's budget.

Neighborhood Council leadership at its finest.

And just for sh*ts and giggles, let's link to some of Bradley's earlier shenanigans, including the intimidating use of his pelvic region during GPNC meetings.