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Bukowski Bungalow Gets Its Hearing

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[Image of Bukowski Bungalow by flickr user richardschave]

The 5124 De Longpre blog (yes, even $1.3 million teardowns have their own blog these days) informs us the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission's hearing on Bukowski's former residence will take place next Thursday, Nov 15th. What's the architectural significance of this building? Beats us, but the Bukowski boosters are not arguing it's worthy of preservation because of its architectural pedigree. Rather, they are claiming its legacy is worthwhile preserving due to its literary significance. As a result, the preservation effort faces some unique challenges:

[In] Los Angeles, there is no precedence for how to recognize a building purely because important creative work was done there. Do they focus on the structure as it was in the 1960s, when Bukowski moved in? The 1920s, when it was originally constructed? Do they focus on Bukowski’s bungalow alone, or the entire row of little houses? What best reflects the building and the writer’s work? These are some of the challenges facing the Commission members as they decide their votes.If the bungalows actually acquire landmark status, then they're faced with a whole new set of challenges. What to do with them? What agency/non-profit will manage the structure? So many questions for a building we're still not sure is worth the headache. It's Bukowski, people, not Burroughs. Now that guy was a badass.
· CHC Landmarking Hearing for De Longpre Nov. 15th [5124 De Longpre Blog]