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Pasadena Mega Whole Foods Brings Mega Crowds and Mega Traffic

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Our sister in blogdom, Eater LA, reports the opening of the new Whole Foods in Pasadena has brought out the crush of humanity to check out the new two-story supermarket. And reports from readers are trickling in: "nice nut bar and home made jam station. the smoke meat station was quite impressive as well. the bakery looked much bigger and i like the pudding assortments they offered." And despite the crowds, the traffic on Arroyo, and the difficulty in finding a parking spot, once you make it into the store, things start looking up.
The place is huge and even though I thought the 2-story layout would be an issue, it is not. In fact even though it was extremely crowded, it didn't feel like it. The aisles are extra wide, we're talking super-sized wide and the flow works by starting in produce and then heading into mulit-sectioned specialty fresh food courts that start on the lower level and then continue upstairs. This Whole Foods has the best selection of fresh prepared foods that I've ever seen. The upper level ends with the usual packaged/frozen foods section and then you make it back downstairs for check-out.

The wine bar:

Mega Whole Foods Pasadena LIVE [Eater LA]