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Carson Extreme Home Make-Over Gone Wrong

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Carson resident Raphael Brooks, 73, really comes out as the villain in the Daily Breeze's story about how taxpayers will be paying the $235,000 bill for her home improvements. The backstory: Brooks' home was done over by a Neighborhood Pride program that uses "redevelopment funds and federal grant money to make home-improvement loans to residents with low incomes." While the original work was done in 1993, at a cost of $14,835, Brooks wasn't happy with the repairs. And the paper seems to imply she's not the nicest person because she insisted on having someone who could speak English on the job. Fast forward to 2004, and Brooks is asking for a new roof, which she gets at a cost of $10,200-- and a whole laundry list of items. Who knew towel bars and toothbrush holders cost $396 or rain gutters were going for $4,800. Fascinating.
· It's her home remodel, but it's YOUR $235,000 bill [Daily Breeze]