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Nighttime Fun At 1010 Wilshire's Pool

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[Rendering via Los Angeles architecture firm Killefer Flammang]

For anyone wondering what 1010 Wilshire was planning for their pool area, here's a nighttime shot of residents canoodling, making phone calls, and enjoying those city views. Does it look a tad bit like 1100 Wilshire's pool? Construction continues on this 227-unit project, which was scheduled to begin sales in the fall, according to this possibly dated Downtown News story.

Via the site: "On the building's roof deck, residents can gaze out over the city near a dramatic fire/water feature, work quietly among the trees and flowers while enjoying a westward view to the ocean, or host a cocktail party in the bar area under the glow of backlit colored panels. The pool and fitness areas provide additional outdoor leisure and exercise opportunities among tranquil glass waterfalls."