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Pictorial: Inside the Wired LivingHomes House

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Last night, the Wired LivingHomes house in Brentwood opened its doors to an invited guest list of hundreds. The LEEDerati were in full attendance sipping wine and eating vegan dishes and hors d'oeuvres all night long, while carefully watching their carbon output. It was some sort of scene.

The home is a step up from the previous LivingHomes installation in Santa Monica. Although the form is largely the same, the scale is much larger. The Ray Kappe designed home placed the bedrooms on the first floor and much of the living area, including the kitchen on the second floor. We noticed that a few finishing touches remain- running water would be tops among those, but otherwise it seemed like a dandy green modern construct. Steve Glenn,CEO of LivingHomes, stated that the LEED Certification is still a bit off, as the LEED people have yet to show up and inspect. Tours of the home are being given through November 18th.

[The message 'Teet' above the bed in the children's room was disturbing, but a friend noted it was actually 1331 upside down- it's some sort of ceiling clock projection]

[the super efficient sinks- no water output at all]

[the crush of humanity inside the home]

[the dining area]

[in a few areas you could see the exposed steel beams of the home, but mostly it was drywalled over]

[the house was full of computers that control various home components]

Apologies for some of the picture quality. Our good camera died and we were relying on our backup cameraphone.