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Storefronting: The Pacific Design Center's Rebirth

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WEST HOLLYWOOD - GlobeSt looks at the Pacific Design Center's $45 million renovation and "repositioning" plan and declares it a success. The Blue building's occupancy is now at 90% and has added 40,000 square feet of new tenants. Among the new showrooms are interior designers Thomas Lavin and Holly Hunt. Maybe the massive Red Building isn't such a bad idea after all. [GlobeSt]

VENICE - We still don't know if this counts as a chain? Help us, Venice Paper! We mentioned a few weeks ago that Silver Lake's design shop A+R was opening a second location on Abbot Kinney. Blackburn & Sweetzer reports the store opened this past Friday. Because you have to fill that $1.5 million "artist" live/work loft with something. [Blackburn & Sweetzer]

LOS ANGELES - Bonus Storefronting! It's not just the ads. It's not just the surly staff. It's not even the shoddy quality. The Huffington Post takes a look at how LA-based American Apparel has lost its way.