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The Catch: Laurel Canyon Hideaway

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What/Where: A "secret tree house" for rent in Laurel Canyon for the low, low price of $2,000.
Looks Good, Right?: You had us at secret tree house. But the Craigslist poster also tells us it's an open "loftspace vibe" that the occupant can furnish "as lavishly or creatively as one desires." Plenty of deck space, a BBQ, a rooftop jacuzzi, open kitchen, and -uh oh - "unique shower bathroom." "Unique" is usually the first sign of trouble.
The Catch: Well, it sounds fabulous. We love the bobo rock-n-roll hippie-vibe of Laurel Canyon. We love the eclectic architecture. We love the famous drug-related murders involving porn stars. And this treehouse is even on the same street! What we don't love? Unfinished floors, loose wires - and is that an exposed coal stove? - for $2,000. We don't really know how to describe the walls. We'll let the pictures speak for themselves.