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Echo Park Eco-Home Can Be Leased Or Owned

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Checking in three months later, and the owners of Echo Park's Eco-House are still awaiting a buyer and still planting their for-sale sign off Lake Shore Drive. But lookee here, it looks like the 800 square foot green bungalow on an "actual wildlife habitat" is available for $2,100 a month. Before, we lauded these owners for their fancy DIY sign--by comparison, look at that scrappy yard sale sign--but now we're seeing slight puckering.

Via listing: "800 sq. ft. California Bungalow on 10,000 sq. ft. (50x200) certified wildlife habitat. Large high-ceiling kitchen/dining. Shady laundry patio. Detached extra guest room. Organic Garden and forty-six trees. Views of green hills from the porch swing. Quiet, safe, low-stress area. Prefer mature health/ecology conscious tenant, no smoking/drinking/drugs. Possible exchange (discounted rent) for garden/maintenance. Open Sundays 10-5 (except 9/30). ( 2006 North Lake Shore at Ewing)."

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