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Valley People: Will They Ever Attain Fulfillment?

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Over the weekend the Daily News ran two Opinion pieces and an article on dispirited life in the Valley, five years after its succession attempts failed. Basically, Valleyites want more, more, more. Some say they want their fair share. Some say they want less ugly. Some still want to secede. Via the Daily News:

Now, five years after the Valley challenged City Hall, debate rages about whether L.A.'s powerbrokers have lived up to promises to provide a fairer share of city resources to the Valley or whether the region has again taken a back seat to downtown interests. "I think there have been no significant advancements," said Richard Close, who served as chairman of Valley Voters Organized Toward Empowerment, the lead organization that fought for secession.

Yes, it's true, the Valley is getting the biggest mall in LA, has a new shiny Orange bus service, just landed NBC thanks to the Mayor's efforts, is getting a billion dollar development in NoHo, and will soon be home to a museum for the children; however the Valley deserves more. More of what, we're not sure. They can have the homeless people crowding Hollywood if that makes them happy. We love you, Valley.
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