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StoreFronting: Wine Store In Echo Park, Paper in Eagle Rock, and More!

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ECHO PARK: Dirty hipsters, save up your quarters for bottles of Pinot Noir: A reader points us to the web site for City Sip Wine and, yup, it mentions "a wine shop/bar/market opening in 2008." And our tipster claims to know more: "It'll be next to the fire station on Sunset." [InBox]

LOS ANGELES: Ed Hardy, which bills itself as a "vintage tattoo wear," has found a home at Beverly Center, opening a 1,000 square foot store to sell its collection of colorful, some might say overly-colorful, line of hats (seen here), shirts, jeans and more. [InBox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: High-end Japanese goods await: The press release tragically failed to note the address for Ku Ambiance, a new store offering "art objects for customers seeking the ultimate in high-culture décor, fashion, art and design," but apparently it's at the intersection of Huntley and Melrose. [InBox]

EAGLE ROCK: The very fine program Eagle Rock Talk reports that Paper, a store "specializing in letterpress stationary and fine wrapping papers, as well as coffee table books" will open December 4th at 2120 Colorado Boulevard. The store opens in the old F-ART space. [Eagle Rock Talk]