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Larchmont Looks To Save Quaintness Via Building Height Limits

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Now that Larchmont Village's commercial rents are hitting $10 per square foot (driving out locals like Larchmont Hardware), AND developer Albert Mizrahi has swooped in and purchased three buildings in the neighborhood, locals are looking for ways to keep Larchmont Village looking like a village. So Councilman Tom LaBonge has filed a motion to set height and width limits on new developments coming in. The restrictions would go from Beverly Blvd. to First St., reports the Larchmont Chronicle: "If passed, the ordinance sets a 35-foot height limit on new developments— which would match 95 percent of the existing buildings on the street. (The current limit is 45 feet, witnessed at Yoga Works’ three-and-a-half stories.) New developments would also be required to have a five-foot front setback and a 50-foot linear limit on street frontage."
· Law Proposed to Save Larchmont's Charm [Larchmont Chronicle]