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EaterTastings: R23 Expands, Katsuya is Everywhere, Guy's Greets The Wrecking Ball?

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Newly expanded dining room at R23

The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog.

1) Maybe they should call themselves R46 now? We kid. Downtown sushi spot R23 has recently doubled in size. The gallery-like space also seems to have those famous Gehry-designed chairs.
2) When everyone's favorite high-kitsch German restaurant, Lowenbrau Keller, closed in Aug, no one knew what would happen to that space. Now comes word that it will become Medusa, owned by the backers of one of the Chin Chin restaurants. No one yet knows if its famous decor will remain intact.
3) These days, you can't swing a cat without hitting a new SBE Group restaurant/bar/lounge. It's as omnipresent as Britney's lady parts on the Internets. Coming up: Two more Katsuya's (Glendale and downtown), Foxtail in Weho, SLS in Beverly Hills, and the renovation of Privilege on the Strip. At least they're keeping Philippe Starck busy.
4) Unsubstantiated Rumor We Hope Is Really True: cocktail king Sasha Petraske of New York's Milk & Honey may be opening an inn downtown.
5) Guy's in West Hollywood seems to want to start from scratch - literally. The nightclub is apparently planning on demolishing the club and building a new structure, this time with an outdoor smoking bar.