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Santa Monica to FAA: Take Your Gulf Streams Elsewhere!

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The fight between Santa Monica and the FAA over planes landing at the Santa Monica airport is getting feisty: On Tuesday, the city council approved an ordinance banning aircraft like Gulfstream IVs from the airport, but the FAA will likely challenge the ban, which'll get a final vote in January. The back story: With homes as close to 300 feet of the runway's end, Santa Monica is worried that certain aircraft, mostly business jets--which make up half of the planes landing and arriving at the airport--will accidentally land on someone's home. The FAA's (not well-received) response to the city: Just buy up the nearby homes and tear them down. While the squabble between the FAA and the city has been going on for at least five years, the Santa Monica's defiance of the group is notable, and at least one person in the story tells the LA Times the battle will likely end up in federal court.
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