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A Pasadena-Area Real Estate Family Feud

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Normally, reading the blog of a real estate lawyer: Zzzz. But here's an interesting story: A brother and sister co-owned their mother's home, which is in or around Pasadena, and the sister wanted to sell the residence to pay for the medical bills of the mother (who is incompetent). But the brother didn't want to sell. Writes the lawyer: "In this case, I hired an appraiser to value the single family residence; I communicated that value to the other side and suggested that my client [the sister] would be willing to pay one-half of that amount to acquire her brother's interest in the property or alternatively, my client would accept that amount for her interest. The problem was that my client's brother did not agree with the appraisal." It's a quick read: Part one, part two, part three and part four here.
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