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For And Against Downtown's Westin Bonaventure

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[Via Flickr user Xyle]

It's been a busy week for the Bona: calls it a postmodern masterpiece. "The architect wanted to separate the building from the rest of the city by making itself a miniature city of its own....[the building gives] views of the surrounding city rather than itself, using reflection to separate the hotel from downtown Los Angeles." Other bloggers also happened to chime in this week: "On some level this is a monstrosity, a five tubed, metal and glass paean to all that was wrong in the 1970s, including the outside glass elevators made famous by The Towering Inferno," a post resulting in this comment: "The Disney Concert Hall and the Westin Bonaventure are both eye-popping implants unrelated to the rest of the city, each a world unto itself in a city with too many self-contained worlds. The Westin is especially typical, its round towers like so many middle fingers raised to its neighborhood."

Via Flickr user Eekthree:

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