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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Flor Morena, Glass Garage, 36 Condos

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We had comments and answers to Tuesdays list of questions. Today we post what we know or don't know. If you have updates/news you can email us at Thank you.

1) West Hollywood (actually Hollywood): So via email we learn the owner of the Glass Garage died last year sometime, but no word on what goes there next. "The owner of the Glass garage had already died by the time I went there to shop last Christmas. It made me incredibly sad... because it was a little wonderland, and they had women who made an extraordinary extravaganza with wrapping, as good as any of the presents inside... In a way it is fitting that this building was demoed, because I think the Glass Garage was its finest hour, and better to demolish the building in honor of the death of the retail/design genius who is no more."

2) Echo Park: The dusty lot on Echo Park Blvd is getting developed by the Angeles Group, reports a commenter. Woo-wee! Thirty six condominiums. Smallish renderings on the Angeles Group web site.

3) Little Tokyo: What's going in to Hikari? No solid answers although commenter #2 describes some sort of casual dining establishment. We'll stop by this afternoon and poke our head in.

4) Pasadena: Opinions on the marker stone varied. However, it appears to be a road marker for Route 11, which a commenter linked to. Sounds good to us. And as for the 220, 222 and F.B. markings? No clue. Maybe street addresses?

5) Silver Lake: Tracking down info on Flor Morena on Rowena was difficult. Eater LA queried for us as well. However, going way back to March, a post on Eating LA returns this response from a reader: "I heard through Melanie (owner of Edendale) that owner of Flor Morena is going to remodel and reopen herself in another incarnation. I pray this is a vicious rumor :("