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Ask Curbed: What's A Good Xmas Gift for A Real Estate Agent?

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A question from a nice reader already hitting the stores:

"My sister in-law is a real estate agent and I'm trying to find a Christmas gift for her. Are there any cool gift ideas for a real estate agent that they must have, other than a hope that the market gets better? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance." To help out this guy, we posed the question to real estate agents, who provided us with some thoughtful ideas. And these gifts could be for anyone on your list, too--who doesn't want to open a jumbo box of nicotine patches on Christmas morning?
"Table top books on interior design and architecture."

"Hand-held GPS device - if the agent doesn't already have one built in to her car."

"12 sessions with a personal trainer to work off that stress. Working out keeps me going. Or even a case of champagne."

"Digital camera."

"Designer nicotine patches and a hot nurse to inject me with hourly caffeine doses."

"A day of treatments at the Peninsula Spa Hotel."

"Luxury Pens, Mont Blanc, Cartier, Tiffany, Bulgari (I just bought one for myself)."

"Business card case."

"One client gave me a Amex Gold Gift Card."

"I would like the new Blackberry, it needs replacing because of all the wear and tear. Billfolds frequently need replacing and having a nice one is like wearing black socks with black shoes--you just have to."

"Thomas Guide."

"A sterling silver flask or pill box for those difficult days."

"Michael Corbett's book "Ready Set Sold."