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Reader Poll: Park Fifth vs. Brooklyn's City Tech Tower. Race to the Sky!

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We're happy that our brothers in New York are getting a new shiny Renzo Piano-designed skyscraper--City Tech Tower. We're even happier to learn that Park Fifth allegedly has new Korean investors who have come along to save our Jenga-liciously designed downtown tower. Commenters on both coasts are equally excited about the new towers. A New York commenter told a doubter: "Real productive comment Babs; now go shoot yourself between the eyes, you waste of sperm." And a Los Angeles commenter chided us for being skeptical: "Curbed, you're as negative as LoftLA and pop, pop, pop! What good does it do anyone?" Despite the market downturn, both towers seem to be chugging along. So we ask you: supposing these things actually get built - that's a big "supposing" - which one will open first? Vote with your heart - repeatedly.