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Gym-balaya! Sexy Gym Rendered; Equinox Goes to "South Bay"

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WEST HOLLYWOOD- Renderings of the new David Barton Gym have popped up on WeHo News and in our inbox. Smashing. The sexy gym, which promises to make even the ugliest WeHoan sort of attractive, will be located atop the former Tower Records store in a new three story office building. Via our inbox, commenter Formosa says: "It's going to be part of a 52,000 sq ft development with shops on ground floor, gym on second floor (26,000 sq ft) and offices on 3rd floor." Previously mentioned here and here.

HAWTHORNE- Via our inbox, commenter Carter sends linkage regarding an Equinox going into the South Bay's forgotten child, Hawthorne. "Well, would you believe Equinox found its way to Hawthorne, as in Hawthorne, California?!!! Yes, they are constructing a facility to cater to Manhattan Beach, basically, meaning at the corner of Rosecrans and Isis, west of the 405, yet technically in the city of Hawthorne, much like the Costco center across the street... you can see it now on their website - NY, Weho, etc. and Hawthorne - really sounds magical! However, expect it to be referred to as South Bay or some other euphemism and not Hawthorne only."