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Rumblings & Bumblings: Weird Markers, Glass House, and Hikari

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We are back after a short week. We were hardly gone at all. Stupid fires ruining our non blogging vacation. Please answer these five questions from your fellow readers. You may leave a comment or you can email us at with your new questions, answers, comments, tips, and general queries. Thanks for the digital pictures!!

[Echo Park development is spewing dust, causing wonderment]

1) West Hollywood: The continuing changing face of Melrose: "Any idea what became of Glass Garage on Melrose? Just noticed its been bulldozed. Did it move or is it history? No idea what's going up in its place but I'm guessing the ubiquitous four story "mixed use."

2) Echo Park: Dust flying? They should spray that shiznit down. it's the law. "Has the new project on echo park blvd. been discussed yet on curbed? Though denial might be more pleasant than the truth, we'd appreciate any light that can be shed on this project. It's located in the lot across from Magic Gas and inches from Chango. The dust has been flying, and flying, and flying."

3) Little Tokyo: A reader finds himself walking and discovers something amiss. "I was walking by Hikari and noticed all the retail on 2nd (I think it's 2nd) had it all its For Lease signs gone... Any idea what's going in?"

4) Pasadena: Gravestones, maybe. "Okay, this probably isn't a sign of a new development, but since Curbed readers seem to know everything, I thought I'd ask. What is this thing? It's about three feet tall and looks very old. It's on the south side of Colorado, one block west of Hill in the beautiful city of Pasadena."

5) Silver Lake: A sort of restaurant question. Eater, dear. don't be mad. We needed a fourth question to balance the page. "This weekend there was a lot of activity at Flor Morena on Rowena in Silver Lake. Several trucks were there and numerous people/activity. It looks like they were clearing it out (and airing it out as they had all the doors open). I'll try to peek in there in the next few days to see what was done. Maybe someone knows what the plans are for the site.?.?"

Answers posted on Thursday.