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Proposal for Santa Monica Retail Project Includes Movie Theater--But A Modern One

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Santa Monica wants to add more movie theaters, but they've got to be the fancy modern ones, say city officials. With proposals being accepted for a project to replace "Parking Structure Number 3" on Fourth Street between Santa Monica Boulevard and Broadway, there's talk of adding subterranean parking, ground-floor retail and a contemporary cinema. Following the shut-down of the NuWilshire Theatre at 1314 Wilshire Boulevard earlier this month, it's clear old-timey theaters don't draw the kids, who'll head out of town for fancy seats and expensive sound systems. Mayor Richard Bloom: "...Right now, if you want to go see a movie at a stadium seating digital theater, you have to leave the City of Santa Monica." Andy Agle, director of the city's Housing and Economic Development Department, also agrees that cinemas help Santa Monica's retail, dining and entertainment scene.
· Council seeks bids to replace 4th Street parking structure with retail, cinema, underground parking [The Argonaut]