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NoHo14 Drops Sales Plan, Will Be A Rental

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Despite earlier indications that there was life--aka an interest list forming--at NoHo14, the sprawling condo development under construction on Lankershim in North Hollywood, the project is now being re-branded as a rental project, says a source. Originally, NoHo 14 was conceived as a rental building before being marketed as condos, and now it's back to rentals. And while there doesn't appear to be much urgency in finishing NoHo14, the leasing office for Imperia, another rental building (103 units) in the sprawling NoHo Collection, is all warmed up and ready to take your deposits. What you'll pay living in the Valley: Rents at Imperia range from $1,195 for a 580 square-foot studio to $2,595 and up for a 1,1150 square-foot three-bedroom.