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Supermarket Round-Up: Pavilions Demo'ing, Buy a F & E!

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WEST HOLLYWOOD - Commenter Formosa filled us in last week on the plans for the Pavilions in Weho: "Pavilions just received approval from the Planning Commission to demo the old store to make way for a brand new store along with additional retail. Before they demo the old store, they are actually going to put up a temporary one so they don't lose business...I guess it will be a giant tent type of thing." We received the image of the new Pavilions from a reader (pictured above) of the proposed store. Apparently, in the future, West Hollywood is never sunny.

COMPTON - A reader sends us this listing for a freestanding building in Compton currently leased by...Tesco. Yes, now for the low, low price of just $2.75 million you can pretty much own your very own Fresh & Easy. Sorta. Or least drop in for a convenient box of udon noodles or frozen beef bourguignon. One more tidbit uncovered in the listing - Tesco has signed a 20 year lease. Welcome to the neighborhood, Tesco. Glad to see you plan on sticking around a while.