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Ask Curbed: A Look At Landlords' Rights

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Flipping the script this week. A member of the land-owning gentry wants to know the law when it comes to taking occupancy of a unit from his tenants:

I own a duplex that has a Certificate of Occupancy after the 1978 RSO (therefore no rent stabilization). I want to move into a unit that is currently occupied by my tenants of 3 years. What are my rights, their rights and my obligations to them? I want to do the right thing but they are threatening me to dig in their heals because they feel they are entitled to relo[cation] assistance (which they say is huge b/c the wife is on disability. It's not Section 8 - only workers comp. As far as I'm aware they are entitled to 60 days notice. Anything else? Any landlord's rights resources out there that you know of?