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Reader Report: Construction Update, Prices At Fuller Lofts

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A reader gets inside the belly of the much-discussed Fuller Lofts in Lincoln Heights and dutifully reports back on how the sales building is progressing: "As you can tell, far from finished. The estimate is 4-5 months. i would say 6 is safe....prices are starting at $345,000 for the smallest (845 sq. feet) "moderate income" (hey - that's me!) lofts. those $345,000's are on the second floor and look out into the parking garage. Otherwise, the prices are in the mid-400s, for some fairly nice spaces, and a few with terrific windows, light, and views. Those are all moderate income priced. The "penthouses" are as of now unpriced and will supposedly be auctioned off. they are estimating 800,000 for one, and 1 mil plus for the big'un."

Report continues: "Oh and those "framed, boxy things" you mentioned in your last update are windows. they are floor-to-ceiling windows. One thing i dont have pictured is that the view from the san fernando side, say, on the 5th and 6th floor, is actually blocked by these large, square-like vertical
columns (you can see them in the rendering). they literally block the
view! not sure why they decided to do that....i am a moderate income buyer, and while the time is finally right to start looking, the Fuller Lofts price
out the majority of those who are supposedly the target audience for
their lofts - moderate income buyers. if you're not at the top of the
120 AMI, and like me at the 100 AMI level, you are out on the curb.
unless you want parking lot views!

And his photos:

A general view of the skylight area from the 5th floor (the first "modern" floor):

a view of the balcony off the 5th floor, which will be split between several units:

the 5/6th floor open area/roof patio:

from a 5th floor loft, looking out to the balcony i just mentioned, and (surprise!) garage door windows!