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Kids Barred From Mattress-Sliding Down Playa Vista Bluffs

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[Photo of bluffs via Flickr user Charles Everitt]

Brilliant story of the day: Kids have been taking mattresses and sliding down the Playa Vista bluffs accessible via Cabora Road. But now officials plan to limit bluff access since people and dogs are trampling the vegetation. Via the Daily Breeze: "Cabora Road will remain accessible to pedestrian traffic and leashed dogs, but the master-planned community below Loyola Marymount University has erected a 6-foot chain-link fence on the south side of the walkway to deter bluffside trespassers." Local anger about the fence has spilled onto message boards like; no word on where the mattress-toting kids/teens will head for their next joy ride, but let us know!
· Playa Vista limits bluffs access [Daily Breeze]