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Malibu Corral Canyon Fire: Morning/Afternoon Update

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[Photo via Flickr user Sharky H Tower]
--LA Times: At least 35 homes have been burned, about 200 more at risk.
--CNN: 2,200 acres burned. Pepperdine students moved to a central location on campus as a precaution.
--Malibu city web site: Mandatory Evacuations: All areas from Corral Canyon west to Trancas Canyon Road. PCH closed between Malibu Canyon Road and Kanan Road. Agoura High School has been turned into evacuation center.
--LA Times: And we get names: The home of Red Hot Chili Pepper Flea "burnt to a crisp." The bassist purchased the Malibu beach home, which had been listed for $10. 5 million, last year.
--Malibu Times: "The origin of the fire is under investigation. It began at a dirt area off Castro Peak Motor Way. There were reports of loud, cheering young people in the area."

[Via Flickr user Sharky H Tower]

[Via Flickr user Here in Malibu]

[Via user Vaguely Artistic]