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On The Market: Geodesic Living in Mt. Washington

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Admit it, you have a soft spot for geodesic domes, just like we do. They're so...spacious. So...aerodynamic. of structural supports. So...round. This beauty hidden in the hills on Mt. Washington (literally) is available for $799,000. According to the listing, the dome uses "ideas once promoted in The Whole Earth Catalog now staples of architecture and sustainable design." The design allows for "flexible live-work arrangements...accommodated within the lower levels, illuminated by a dozen skylights, earth sheltered and topped by a green roof for maximum thermal efficiency. The geodesic dome above shelters a vast interior studio volume for meditation, art, rehearsal, performance, or entertaining." Plus that dome would make great headquarters for a Bond-like villain plotting to destroy the earth with poisoned compost or something. Just saying.

· Hilltop Dome House [Architecture for Sale]